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PizzaSMC Grocery Bidding

SMC accepts bids for our grocery business every three years.

The main grocery vendor is chosen based on three factors: Price, Service, and Quality

Benefits of purchasing groceries through SMC and our grocery vendor are the following:

  • Special Pricing: our pricing is based on a certain percentage over our vendors delivered cost. We aren't subject to salesmen commissions!
  • Product Knowledge: Our representative or one of the SMC staff will have answers to your questions regarding food products.
  • Order Guides: SMC cooks are provided with a weekly ordering guide which is priced and convenient for inventory control. Order guides are individualized by chapter.
  • SMC Participation: Inhibits collusion between employees, brokers, salesmen and purveyors.
  • Returns/Problems: Issues with products are handled by the professional staff at SMC saving time and energy.
  • Price Audits: SMC conducts semesterly audits to ensure pricing consistency.
Read more about how SMC selects suppliers.

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